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Wedding photos shot list for wedding photographers

Wedding photographers should have an idea of the list of important shots to be taken on their clients big day. Although it is ideal to ask your clients for the list of photograph to be taken. I have put together a checklist to guide you through this process. You will find this handy for every wedding as this will enable you to capture the important moments and document them into memories that your clients will appreciate forever.

Bride's/Groom's Preparation
  1. Wedding dress (hang it somewhere appropriate)

  2. Bridesmaid dresses (hang them somewhere appropriate)

  3. Wedding shoes

  4. Wedding ring and engagement ring

  5. Bridal bouquet

  6. Bridesmaid bouquets

  7. Bride's makeover

  8. Bride's hairdo

  9. Bridal prayer session/toast

  10. Bride's mom helping her to dress up

  11. Bridesmaids helping her to dress up

  12. Groom's costume

  13. Groom dressing up

  14. Groomsmen preparation

  15. Best Man knotting the Groom's tie

  16. Groom and his parents

  17. Groom with siblings

  18. Groom leaving for the wedding venue

  19. Bride with Chief bridesmaid

  20. Bride with each bridesmaid

  21. Bride with all bridesmaids

  22. Bride with sisters

  23. Bride and bridesmaids fully dressed

  24. Moment of Bride's Father sighting her

  25. Bride with her parents

  26. Bride and Bridesmaids leaving for wedding venue

Wedding Ceremony
  1. Wedding Venue and decoration

  2. Wedding program

  3. Arrival of Guests

  4. Wedding Ministers/Officials

  5. Groom’s family walking down the aisle

  6. Bride’s family walking down the aisle

  7. Groomsmen walking down the aisle

  8. Arrival of the Groom

  9. Groom walking down the aisle

  10. Groom seated awaiting the bride

  11. Arrival of the Bride

  12. Bridal Train walking down the aisle

  13. Groomsmen watching bridesmaids walk down the aisle

  14. Bride and father waiting to walk down the aisle

  15. Bride and father walking down the aisle

  16. Groom’s reaction seeing the bride

  17. Fathers of the Bride's reaction to the groom

  18. Groom welcoming the bride

  19. Bridesmaids seated

  20. Groomsmen seated

  21. Wedding Ceremony readings

  22. Bride and groom’s reaction to readings

  23. Exchange of rings

  24. First kiss

  25. Bride’s Parents reaction

  26. Groom’s Parents reaction

  27. Newly weds walking out

  28. End of Ceremony pleasantry exchange

  1. Couple

  2. Couple with Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Flower Girl(s), Page Boy(s) and Ring Bearer

  3. Bride with her family

  4. Couple with Bride's family

  5. Groom with his family

  6. Couple with Groom's family

  7. Entire wedding guests (if possible)

  8. Bride with parents

  9. Groom with parents

  10. Bride with grandparents

  11. Groom with grandparents

  12. Bride and groom with flower girl

  13. Bride and groom with ring bearer

  14. Bride with Chief Bridesmaid

  15. Bride with Bridesmaids

  16. Groom with Bestman

  17. Groom with Bridesmaids

  18. Groom with Groomsmen

  19. Bride with Groomsmen

  20. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

  21. Groom with the Best Man

  22. Bride with siblings

  23. Groom with siblings

  24. Couple with siblings

  25. Couple with extended families

  26. Bride with her extended family

  27. Groom with his extended family

Cocktail Hour
  1. Place cards

  2. Signature drinks

  3. Wedding signage

  4. School/College/Uni friends

  5. Work friends

  6. Family friends

  7. Children

  8. Finger foods

  9. Flower and deco arrangements

  1. Reception Venue

  2. Center pieces

  3. Cake

  4. MC

  5. Band/DJ

  6. Bridal party entrances

  7. Bridal Train entrance

  8. Bride and groom entrance

  9. First dance

  10. Father daughter dance

  11. Best man toast

  12. Chief Bridesmaid's toast

  13. Champagne toast

  14. Bride and groom reactions to toasts

  15. Father of the bride's speech

  16. Couple game shots

  17. Dancing shots

  18. Bridal party moments

  19. Bride and groom dancing

  20. Parents dancing

  21. Entertainers shots

  22. Bouquet toss/catch

  23. Posed picture of each table

  24. Cake cutting

  25. Couple Feeding each other with the cake.

This will also justify the cost of their investment with your outfit and will generate a lot of recommendations if well presented. Kindly share your opinions this post with us and we wish you all the best.

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