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Best Beginner all-rounder DSLR Camera

Since I have been asked severally by people wanting to start their Youtube channel about the best dslr/mirrorless camera for their Youtube video and pictures, I have decided to put up this blog post.

I have looked at a couple of cameras within the £500 mark (Nikon D3400, Sony A5100, Panasonic G7 and Canon 200D) and after putting price, user friendliness, photo/video quality into consideration, I have come to the conclusion (in my opinion) that my best pick for starters is the Canon EOS 200D/SL2

Canon EOS 200D (SL2)

The Canon 200D is a crop

sensor (APS-C) and one of the smallest compact DSLR which delivers excellent Photos and videos that can match professional cameras. It is has the helpful Assistant beginner mode features that will guide beginners and it also possesses a polished fully articulated touchscreen interface for easy navigation and also useful for vloggers. The presence of WiFi is also very useful for self shooters and easy transfer of image to your mobile phone for quick and easy post to your social media.

The presence of Great Live View AF performance in photo mode and quick Dual Pixel autofocus especially for video mode is second to none. It changes focus seamlessly and this helps beginners change focus like pros. Canon is well known for their good colour science gives makes images from the 200d a very good skin tone.

There are plenty of options when when it comes to lens collections being a Canon APSC camera, however you wouldn’t be disappointed with the kit lens if your subject is well lit.

The downsides to this camera are;

  • 9-point AF system which is basic but not a cause for worry for beginners

  • Plasticky finish

  • No 4K video

I have considered the Canon 200d is the best all-rounder in my opinion, that does not mean the other cameras shortlisted are not good enough.

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